Eco Friendly House | The Better Option At Home | Best 2022
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Eco Friendly House | The Better Option At Home | Best 2022

Eco Friendly House – India, Dinesh ji neither used cement, nor used bricks, and Dinesh plastered the house with fenugreek, and jaggery and rice husk. This is the traditional method of Kerala state which works to beautify the walls of the house.

Eco Friendly House – When we all go home. So worry about him. Because we want to make a house according to our comfort and convenience and eco-friendly. And take a look at this wonderful eco friendly home. It has been designed according to the traditional architecture of the state of Kerala.

Eco Friendly House – This is a house made of stone, and walls plastered with mud, and a large courtyard, and a lattice on the roof and the sunlight coming from it! And don’t know how many other such features are there, and they remind us of the old-time houses like – (Traditional houses).

Eco Friendly House – When Dinesh Kumar, who hails from the state of Kerala, started building his house, many such memories and thoughts started coming in his mind and he wanted that one of his houses should be built according to the traditional architecture, which is very much in appearance. Be beautiful and she should have all the accessories of today’s time inside her. And then with a lot of research and hard work and courage, he fulfilled his wish. And today, seeing this wonderful and unique house of his, people unintentionally say – Wow! What is home?

Dinesh’s memories and eco friendly home

Eco Friendly House For Dinesh images

Eco Friendly House – During the conversation with Dinesh ji, he told us that the kind of houses I had been seeing, he always wanted a similar house in his mind. And I wanted to make my house like a traditional house but with all the amenities! In fact, we wanted to adopt the same type of technology, in the way the people of old times were made and molded according to the environment.

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Eco Friendly House – Dinesh is an engineer by profession, and is working as a sub-engineer in Thrissur Corporation. He was looking for a person who could bring alive his old memories in the form of a new design. And for this, he contacted the Center for Rural Development (COSTFORD) and contacted Shanti Lal, a designer and engineer working there, who involved many such projects which were eco-friendly.

This is a sample of our traditional architecture of Kerala

Eco Friendly House – Dinesh ji’s favorite eco-friendly house is built in Melur, near his own ancestral home. And working on this project has been designed based on the traditional architecture of Kerala in an eco-friendly and indigenous way. This house is built in (300 yards). Dinesh’s house has four bedrooms and a kitchen and a worship room, and a dining room, and a balcony and multi-utility space.

Eco Friendly House ( images 1 )

Eco Friendly House – Shanti Lal tells during the conversation, that we have used laterite stones to make the walls. It is a naturally formed stone, and has been an important part of Kerala’s traditional architecture for centuries. And he adds that we have chosen these stones prepared from a mixture of sand and lime, not using cement or mortar. . And we have not used the sand and soil of the river at all. And we have done an experiment and we have also made the walls of the premises with laterite stones.

Rice bran plastered by traditional method

Eco Friendly House – Under Shanti Lal, most of the walls of this traditional house have been plastered with clay instead of cement. And it is prepared by mixing a variety of organic and natural ingredients with soil, such as rice bran, and jaggery, and fenugreek, ‘Kadukka’ (Terminalia chebula) and lime. And it acts as a strong plaster on all the walls. And at the same time ‘Kadukka’ protects the walls from insects and termites. And with this work not only the walls get a natural look. Rather she also started looking very attractive.

Eco Friendly House – We inquired deeply about this plaster and asked whether it works even in damp places like kitchen and bathroom, to which Shanti Lal says, it does not work here. And we have used cement plastering in such places, to protect the wall from dampness.

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This traditional house stays cool.

Eco Friendly House – We have also left some parts of the house without plaster to make the house look good. And also apart from using natural materials in home construction, we have also used many sustainable and cost effective advanced technologies including filler slabs. Dinesh ji says Clay tiles have been installed in the middle of the concrete. This not only reduced the weight on the roof, but also provided a good thermal insulation. And the tiles in it were old which we had reused.

Eco Friendly House – Houses built in traditional and old ways are cheaper and cooler than concrete houses and you will feel it as soon as you enter the house. Dinesh ji does not use much fan in his house. That is enough light, and the courtyard in the center of the house has a large net with a glass roof over it. Apart from this, the house has been painted with water based paint instead of regular paint, it gives a shiny finish to the house.

The balcony of the house is made in the model of Koothambalam.

Eco Friendly House – We have designed a part of the house very beautifully. And that’s our balcony. And without it the house seems incomplete. It is inspired by the theater structure of a traditional temple in Kerala. Shanti Lal says on this subject, that it has been designed on the lines of the model of ‘Koothambalam’. This is the traditional temple theater of the state of Kerala, where ‘Koothu’, a form of ritualistic art, is staged.

Eco Friendly House – The grill in the balcony is made of steel instead of wood. And we have painted it in such a way that it looks like wood. And now Dinesh’s wife and two children choose and use the balcony as a study area and utility space.

How much does it cost to build an eco friendly house?

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Eco Friendly House – 35 lakh rupees have been spent to complete this house. We have imported all the necessary items of this house like the wood used in the windows, doors and other parts from the state of Mysore. And all these are old, which we have re-used in our house by giving new look and color. And we have kept the kitchen of this house very big. And one, it is made in a modern style with multiple finish touches. We have installed vitrified tiles on the floor.

Eco Friendly House – This beautiful house of Dinesh is said to be a pocket friendly budget house. Because it has taken a total of 35 lakh rupees to make it maximum. He explains, “Its cost price including wages and raw materials is not high. And if you build a concrete house of the same size, it will cost you dearly.